Warcraft 4 Official Release Date and informations

Warcraft 4 Official Release date and informations

All the informations from Warcraft 4 Official release date please check the website for more featured informations and rumors. 

The blizzard will be probably release Warcraft 4 at the new Blizzcon which will be at 2016. We hope that the game won't be monthly subscription based and continues the story which will end in the WoW's new episode.

There could be a whole group of new enemies, and a lot of old heroes who we know. 

There are some mods and beta versions of Warcraft 4 which were released in the past. You can download this at Warcraft 4 download

Warcraft 4 release date

Warcraft 4 will be an RTS style game (aka strategy game). There are many concepts on the internet about the Warcraft 4 release and game play. 

Warcraft 4 beta gameplay from http://warcraft4beta.blogspot.com

Warcraft 4 announced at Blizzcon 2016?

Blizzard's CEO says there will be new Warcraft when the fans will ask for it. So Blizzard is waiting for bigger fan activition about Warcraft 4. We should ask and ask more, make more articles and videos about the new Warcraft.

The announcing of Warcraft 4 Official release date will be probably at Blizzcon 2016 or 2017. There weren't any big announcement by blizzard in the last year. The must open some money tap, because the WoW's fan base and subscriber base won't grow in the future. There are many statistics that says there will be 50% down in the subscriber base of WoW.

Warcraft 4 announced

End of Starcraft 2, Start of Warcraft 4

As there will be the last DLC of Starcraft 2, there must will be a new game announecement. The story of SC2 ends, the WoW dying soon, Diablo such an other world, so blizzard can't just put the warcraft universe in a sleep mode, because it's the biggest money generator of them.